Friday, October 30, 2009

Some amusing signs & translations...

Seen just after exiting the Forbidden City:

I didn't have the courage to order the "stir-fried wikipedia" (either with or without the pimientos):

Instead, I ordered perch and also tried fried bees--dipped in honey--and some bullfrog stew.

They're serious about communications safety on the Great Wall:

No thanks, I'll pass:

Shop was closed, so this photo will have to serve as my brave man certification:

Little help here?

Unlikely this is a bad translation--but it sure is an interesting product name! luggage doesn't fit in my wallet!

All the best vampire parties are held here:

"Naughty Family"? Apparently, it's a pet company of some sort--boarding, veterinary care, etc.:

Various signs around the Shanghai Maglev train stations:

This might be my favorite sign in all of China:


Counterfeit? Ya'think?

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